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Candy Spender

Candid Cards for kids+

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Candid Cards for kids 8-98

(limited first edition)

A game of friendship where everyone's a winner.

The magic in these oracle cards helps us to talk about our deeper thoughts and feelings. You can play the game with old friends or new, to build friendships or you can play on your own to gain personal insights.

You can play within your closer friendships & family to get clear about any unspoken issues.

Suitable for everyone from ages 8 to 98

Based on the original Candid Cards with some adjustments for younger minds or for people who haven't necessarily done a lot of self enquiry or personal development, the purpose of this game is to bring people together.

There are at least three way you can use the Candid Cards for kids:

  • For you to find answers to personal issues or questions.
  • In a group of old friends or new; class mates or work friends to build connection and trust.
  • For couples or close friends to get clear on issues and open communication lines.
  • An excellent tool for practitioners to use with clients. 

In the box:

  • 5 question cards
  • 65 word cards
  • 3 blank cards (in case you lose any, or want to add your own words)
  • instructions

                        A deep adventure is on the cards”