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Candy Spender

Candid Cards

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Candid Cards ~

(limited first edition)

An evolutionary game where everyone's a winner.

I am a visual artist, astrologer, intuitive counsellor, and metaphysician.

This creation brings together all my favorite practices. The magic in the cards helps to deepen self-knowledge as well as gauging where you find yourself at this time in your life.  

Based on oracle cards, the purpose of this game is to bring people together.

The idea came from me always coming away from dinner parties or group gatherings with family or friends feeling frustrated that no meaningful conversations had taken place. I would still feel like I didn’t know how people really were, or what they were really thinking or feeling.

There are at least three formats for the Candid Cards:

  • For an individual to gain deep personal insight or understanding of issues.
  • In a group of old friends or new; colleagues and co-workers to build connections and trust.
  • For couples or significant relationships to clarify issues and open communications.
  • A powerful resource for practitioners to use with clients. 

In the box:

  • 5 question cards
  • 70 word cards
  • instructions

                        “A deep adventure is on the cards”