Welcome to the Candy Spender Emporium of Ravishing Delights!

Welcome to the Candy Spender Emporium of Ravishing Delights!

Greetings! I am nervously entering into a whole new online shop for Candy Spender Jewels which includes jewellery collections I have stored and sell through various outlets, as well as my other creative endeavours.

I no longer make much jewellery, these days I paint and draw more as my creative practice. But I still have Candy Spender pieces. 

As some of you may know, my mother, Sophie van Rood had one of Australia's largest and oldest vintage costume and fashion emporiums in Adelaide called 'The Banana Room' (the collection was from 1860-1980)

I have a small collection of apparel and accessories she either gave me during the time she was operating (1974-2002), or pieces I curated myself when we closed the store and before it went to auction...pieces I couldn't bear to part with. Twenties flapper dresses, exquisite embroidered shawls, shoes from the late 1800's and so on.

I am slowly photographing them all and they will be available here too. 

I paint, draw and create digital prints, and they will gradually appear here as well.

I am an Astrologer and Tarot reader too! Yes, I'm a Gemini, so I do wear many hats! I will be offering some products associated with that part of my creative practice as well. 

The photograph associated with this post is of a beautiful customer, Carly, I had nearly fifteen years ago who modelled in an amazing photoshoot a very creative collaboration of other extraordinary fashion artists put together in a very atmospheric apartment in St Kilda's the iconic George apartments. The pieces Carly is wearing are from a an exclusive couture catwalk show I was part of in 2006 and re-styled.

I hope you will enjoy the tantalising items and offerings displayed in this store.